Glysonna Sleepceutical Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

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Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? It does not matter whether it is from sleeping til noon, having caffeine to late in the day, or even if you have some sleeping disorder, you are not alone. You should also know that it is okay, for I have trouble falling asleep too. I will lie awake in bed for what seems like hours trying to fall asleep by reading or watching my husband play video games (that is his way of putting himself to sleep). Sometimes it works fast and other times it takes forever to fall asleep.GlysonnaI will admit I would get frustrated when it would take hours to fall asleep. It was those nights where I just wanted something that was non habit-forming, all natural, and it would help me to fall asleep fast. I have never been to big on sleep aids though because I always thought they would have a nasty cough medicine type taste to it. (I am pleased to say that this does not have that nasty taste, instead it has a nice apple taste and even smelled like apple cider every time I opened the bottle.) I was also worried it would become something that my body thought it always had to have to fall asleep, and that was not something that I wanted. So when I was contacted to try this ALL NATURAL SLEEP AID, you could imagine that at first I did not want to try it with all of those just mentioned fears running through my head. However I told myself that I just had to give it a chance. (Glysonna helps you to reach restorative sleep by: a) Triggering relaxation. b) Sustaining sleep. and c) Initiating the natural sleep process. <----this can be found on their website)I will admit I was skeptical at first, not just with my fears, but with whether or not it would really work. I have had many people tell me that they have tried every sleep aid they could try but nothing worked for them, and so in return I did not think it this would work for me. Boy was I wrong. Glysonna 2Glysonna Sleepceutical took me by surprise from the very first try. From the first night I tried it I was falling asleep with in FIFTEEN TO TWENTY MINUTES after taking it. While I will admit woke up in the middle of the night from time to time, (this partly being due to having a three-year old who sometimes wakes up crying) I still slept great. Plus I woke up feeling refreshed and raring to get my day going. Okay so that did not happen the first day after taking it. I actually woke up that morning wanting to go back to sleep, even though I got the full 8 hours of recommended sleep. This I believe was due to my body adjusting to the sleep aid. The next morning however I really was raring to go and it was like that everyday after as well. This continued until I came to the end of my bottle. The night after I took my last bit of this sleep aid was just like every other night. I fell asleep fast and woke up feeling ready to go. After that night I went back to it taking longer to fall asleep, but I was still able to fall asleep WITHOUT my body saying that I needed the Glysonna. While it is nice to not take as long to fall asleep I know I do not need it. Which is why this sleep aid is also so wonderful, because it is NON HABIT FORMING. I am sure I will eventually buy more Glysonna to have for those nights where it just seems like it is going to be impossible to fall asleep.

If you do not believe me you too can try this wonderful sleep aid by clicking here and buying directly from them. You can choose from buying a single 8oz bottle for $19.95 or you can by a four pack (one month supply) for $59.95. Or you can enter the giveaway for a FREE 8 oz bottle.


One (1) lucky reader will win a FREE 8oz bottle of Glysonna Sleepceutical retailed for $19.95 on the Glysonna website. (Open to residents in the U.S 18+ only) Just enter the giveaway below:

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Disclosure: I was given this sleep aid for review purposes only. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

4 thoughts on “Glysonna Sleepceutical Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

  1. I have suffered from insomnia for sooo long. I hate that hung over feeling I have in the morning from prescription sleep aids.

  2. I need to win this giveaway because the neighbors upstairs wake me up early and the neighbors downstairs with two small kids stay up late at night and I am a single parent who works full time and I need sleep. Help!

  3. I never can sleep and it’s so hard cuz I’m a single mom with a little one. And he sleeps but I cant.

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